Parish Plan

Chairman's Opening Comments

 The results of the Parish Plan Questionnaire have proved an interesting and informative basis for the Parish Plan which is a means of informing the appropriate authorities of the views of Berinsfield residents when they are considering the future of the village.

Some of the issues raised have already been, (or are being) dealt with, i.e. the drains and sewer issue, and a committee has already been formed to look at the question of a mini bike/moto cross club.

One million pounds was allocated to the village after the sale of council houses to SOHA, and the projects which were identified then have been completed such as the improvements around the Library, Sports Centre and Children’s Centre.

There is clearly a great pride and community spirit in Berinsfield. 47% of people have lived in the village for more than 20 years, and in surveys carried out by a local housing association over 70% of residents rate Berinsfield as a good or very good place to live.

92% said No to building in our our green spaces and playing fields, which are regarded as a great asset and is a clear mandate to keep them as they are, with no building allowed. However it is unrealistic not to expect further building in the village and it is predicted that there will be between 50 and 150 new homes. This could prove to be a great opportunity for environmentally friendly houses with good infrastructure to be built on the outskirts of the village, which could prove a future asset to Berinsfield’s housing stock.

Recreation and Health
Crime and Safety



Parish Plan Group – Pamela Brenen, Marc Hiles, Lesley Carrington, Jane Murphy, Alan Gray, David Eldridge, Rob Harwood, Penny Filer, Morag Maund.
Input and help from many volunteers from the village and representatives from interested agencies.