As we are all well aware the recycling arrangements have been changed recently with more wheelie-bins and fortnightly collections and we expect that SODC will be holding a review to assess the progress of this initiative. On the question of re-opening 'Whalley Corner', which Oxfordshire County Council [OCC] closed as a cost saving to them, 80% indicated they would want Whalley Corner re-opened as a re-cycling centre. This would be preferable to travelling to the Redbridge, Oakley Wood or Drayton sites. There were also concerns that fly-tipping may become an issue if something is not done. There should still be collections for larger items and garden waste at the water tower lay-by.


Question 55 asked: 'Do you want to make use of our waste to create fuel and/or heat?' to which 87% replied ‘Yes’ . 79% replied ‘Yes’ to Question 56, 'Would you be interested in making your home more energy efficient?' New builds should take this and the following answers into consideration. However, to Question 57, 'Would you be prepared to use renewable fuel in your home (eg. Wood)?' 61% responded 'No'.