Council Services

Litter Picking and Street Cleaning

The Parish Council are responsible for arranging for the grass to be cut and for litter to be collected from the following areas of land in the village:-
  • Lay Avenue play area and open space
  • Recreation ground, football pitches, pavilion and play area
  • Open space, Glyme Drive
  • Burial Ground
  • Small open space outside Nos 21 - 26 Kennet Close
  • Spinney area adjacent to the A 4074
  • Green Lane (Bridleway)
  • Area around the Library (within the fence)
  • The Parish Council also arrange for maintenance of shrubs adjoining the
  • pavements in the vicinity of Kennet Close.

The Pavilion

The Parish Council own the Pavilion in Lay Avenue, Berinsfield. The Pavilion and pitches are currently used most weekends by Football Clubs based in Berinsfield. The facilities include a meeting room and a kitchen suitable for use for up to 20 people. Bookings for either changing facilities or a meeting room should be made through contacting the Clerk to the Council.

Burial Ground

The Parish Council own and administer the Burial Ground in Fane Drive, Berinsfield. Burial Ground should be made by contacting the Clerk to the Council.


The Parish Council are responsible for the allotment site in Berinsfield. If any resident is interested in renting an allotment plot, please contact the Clerk to the Council. 

Play Areas

The Parish Council provide the play equipment located in the two play areas in the village, one at Lay Avenue and one on the recreation ground in the centre of the village. 

Organisations based in Berinsfield

The Parish Council are regularly asked for details of organisations based in Berinsfield and whilst some details are able to be passed on it is not always possible to know if this information is up to date. The Parish Council would like to include details of organisations and names of contacts in the Yearbook and would therefore be grateful for any information from residents about organisations they may be involved with. Forms are available for this purpose in the Library and the Librarian will be pleased to arrange for these to be returned to the Clerk, alternatively information can be passed directly to the Clerk to the Council.