The Pavilion


The Parish Council own the Pavilion in Lay Avenue, Berinsfield. The Pavilion and pitches are currently used most weekends by Football Clubs based in Berinsfield. The facilities include a meeting room and a kitchen suitable for use for up to 20 people. The Pavilion and pitches are located on the recreation ground, Lay Avenue, Berinsfield and are available for hire. Bookings for either changing facilities or a meeting room should be made through contacting the Clerk to the Council

 Fees for the year 2022-23 are as follows :-

 Berinsfield Teams/Organisations - including VAT at 20%

 Football matches boys/girls 

 £40.80 per day

 Football matches men/women 

 £64.20 per match

 Friendly matches to be charged at half of the above fees

 Hire of meeting room and kitchen - minimum 2 hours £21.00 per hour

 Outside organisations - including VAT @ 20%

 Football matches 

 £91.80 per match

Hire of meeting room - minimum 2 hours £21.00 per hour