There are a number of issues that need to be addressed and the village has been consulted through this Parish Plan Survey. This augments the findings of the Berinsfield Advisory Group [BAG]. BAG was a group used as a sounding board for new initiatives and developments. It comprised of the Chairpersons or Vice Chairpersons of the village groups and key stakeholders such as Health Centre, School, Church, Sport Centre, Housing Associations, South Oxford District Council, Oxfordshire County Council and Police who met on a quarterly basis. South Oxford District Council and Oxfordshire County Council have offered to consider the recommendations of the Berinsfield Parish Plan and cascade it down to their relevant groups.

The outcome of the survey will be an action plan designed to address the issues raised for the benefit of the village.

A working group consisting of the relevant parties should produce a communication plan to advertise what is available in the village and to encourage people to participate by using the amenities, services and other activities by using the village web page and newsletter.

As indicated new housing will be required, but this should be outside of the current village boundaries. These new houses should not be joined onto our current infrastructure [Drains & Sewers] and transport issues need to be taken into account ensuring there are sufficient paths, parking and cycle paths, with access to public transport. In addition any new housing should be environmentally effective and heat efficient making use of renewable fuel, solar & wind to reduce household bills and reducing their carbon foot print. Also using grey-water in their design to reduce the need for processed water for waste and watering.

A working group should be set-up to address the transport issues of road crossings, paths, speed limits, parking, access to public transport, cycle routes. A separate group of the School, OCC and Police could address the requirement of a school bike shed, cycling/road safety training and a travel plan to and from school.

A forum could be set-up to assist SODC & OCC in meeting our needs to help the environment and review the current re-cycling initiative.

Neighbourhood Watch Officer and the Police Officers should address concerns raised by the village as part of an overall plan. Also the Neighbourhood Watch Officer should continue to pass on information and recruit new members to the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

A working group should be established to further investigate a 'Credit Union' and possible benefits for the village with a view to setting up a branch within the village. Working group to consist of the BCB, SOHA and the Co-operative Society.

This has been the first survey to include the businesses, on the whole they do not require any assistance, but they will not be excluded from any future initiatives.


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