Recreation & Health

Since starting the Parish Plan Survey the Abbey Sports Centre has changed from SOLL Leisure to Nexus and now the Health Service is addressing the health issues of smoking and obesity which should assist us in having a long healthy and enjoyable life in Berinsfield.

In response to Question 61, 'Should we have designated areas/routes for walking dogs?' 70% indicated ‘Yes’ it was also suggested that these could also be for walks around the village as power walking is also good for you and if you don't have a dog you could take a friend!

There are many organisations on the village and 35% indicated they belong to 1 or 2 organisations, 5% said they belonged to 3 or more. 63% indicated they were not involved with any Berinsfield organisations, societies or clubs.

Question 58 was designed for the senior members of our community and asked ‘ do you think that there are enough organised activities for you in the village?’ 53% indicated 'Yes' with clubs such as Over 55's, Silver Threads & Busy Bees. 10% said 'No', 22% 'Don't Know' and 15% 'None Applicable'. In the comments suggestions were made for a 'walking club', 'bowls', 'dancing', 'book club', 'photography club', free membership for the gym and education centre.

Additional suggestions were made on the support available to senior members of our community such as a Social Club for day-time use, a decent bus service, a weekly visit, transport to the doctor’s surgery, hearing aid support, help with gardening and decorating, using the adult education centre as a day centre rather than travelling to Marsh Baldon.

97% responded 'Yes' to ‘Are the play areas in the right place on the village?’The Parish Council has made every effort to ensure the location meets with everyone's approval as was demonstrated by the recent consultation for the location of the skate board park.

Questions 91 & 92 asked ‘Are there are enough organised activities for the youth of the village?’ 66% responded 'No'. However, when asked ‘Are you aware of what is available for 11-16 year olds in the village?’ 61% responded 'No'.

As a village we are lucky that we have a sports centre with a swimming pool and fitness centre, but when asked if they used the Abbey Sports Centre? 61% responded 'No'.


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