The Parish Plan Questionnaire had a number of specific transport questions which generated many additional comments.


In Question 28, 42% of people surveyed wanted more road signs showing the way to Berinsfield. 

82% of people did not want another entrance road to the village (Question 48), which may indicate that we have enough roads already for the current size of our village.

For Question 49, 32% of people thought that there should be a mini-roundabout at the hazardous junction of Fane Drive with Burcot Lane (the road to Drayton St Leonard).

Important Neighbourhood Action Group issues (Question 75) showed that 22% were concerned about speeding, 12% that cars were dangerously or illegally parked, 10% mentioned anti-social riding or driving, and 4% commented on vehicles being over the weight limit. There was a request to put a 20 mph speed limit for Colwell Road as has been done for the area around the Sport Centre, Library and Children’s Centre.


Although much has been done about parking in the village, 34% of people think that there are still issues (Question 26). As shown in 'Crime & Safety' - cars parked illegally or dangerously are a major problem. This is probably due to the housing mix and a much higher density of people per hectare than our neighbouring villages. There were many comments made about parking. Here is a summary of them:- 

Inconsiderate parking is a general problem throughout the village with particular problems reported in: Colne Drive, Colwell Road, Fane Drive (by both sets of shops), Kennett, Lay Avenue, Evenlode Drive, Leach Road, Ock Drive, Shadwell Road, West Croft, and Windrush Road (other roads may not have had full replies to the survey). Major problems include:

  1. Parking on or across pavements
  2. Parking on or near road junctions, giving poor visibility for other road users
  3. Less use of garages for parking leading to congested roads
  4. Some lay-bys are little used: e.g. on Fane Drive, both opposite the allotments and between Leach & Wey roads.
  5. High sided work vehicles (especially vans) take up spaces used by cars, and reduce road visibility.


Public Transport

89% of people in Question 81 said that a road crossing was needed for safe access to the bus stop on the main A4074 road. Of these, 40% wanted a Pelican crossing, 39% wanted a bridge, and 32% wanted an island in the road. OCC should take this up as a priority issue as a matter of safety and to encourage the use of public transport. 

64% thought we should have a proper road crossing at the shops/surgery.

81% of people surveyed said they thought there should be solid paths to all bus stops. OCC should also take this issue up as a priority for safety and to encourage the use of public transport.

Only 6% of people needed help with transport to get to a regular activity (Question 89).

Comments: Buses around the village are often under-used, especially during the week.One of the better-used buses, the 8 am 105 bus to Oxford is threatened with withdrawal from the end of 2009. The 116 Abingdon bus does not connect with the train at our nearest station, Culham (3 miles), and trains do not stop there at weekends or during off-peak hours.


41% replied, 'Yes' to the question 51:‘Would you use a safe cycle route to work?’ 

92% replied 'Yes' to Question 71: ‘Should the school have a bike shed?’

46% said they would use marked cycle paths in the village; 33% said 'No' and there were 21% don’t knows (Question 86).

A high percentage (88%) support road safety training for the younger members of our village (Question 88).

People commented on the need to mark cycle paths around the central field perimeter, and the marking of bicycle paths around the perimeter road (Wimblestraw/Fane Drive).

46 % of those who responded indicated we should be part of national cycle route such as 'Sus trans'. (Question 85), A suggesgion was made that an off-road cycle path to east Oxford [Shotover] and Chiselhampton could be constructed along the Roman road, although measures would be needed to restrict its use to bicycles only.


The main problems for people walking in the village are:-
  1. Obstructions caused by parking across paths as well as overgrowing trees and hedges.
  2. No marked road crossing at the main shops or at the library car park.
  3. Narrow paths e.g from 39 Fane Drive to Barrington Close.
  4. Uneven paths due to driveway ramps.
  5. Lowering of path to road level is a safety issue when cars cross over to park as on Ock Drive.