The survey indicated that we recognise how lucky we are to have many amenities in the village.


The survey did show that 39% who answered the survey had used 'Number 39' [39 Fane Drive – Berinsfield Information and Volunteer Centre] and 40% were aware of the Parish website. However, the best means of staying in touch with what is happening on our village is by the village news letter 'Your Village Voice' with 94% reading it. 62% indicated it shouldn't change and 14% saying it needed changes. It has been suggested that the village needs to hold a 'Village Diary' so village events do not clash.

Village Hall / Coffee Shop

A question that has come up on numerous occasions at Parish Council Meetings is if there is a need for a 'Village Hall'. The survey identified 15 locations which are available for hire for functions and meetings. 55% stated that they had used one or more of these 15 locations with the BCA, Abbey Sports Centre and Church Hall being the most popular venues. Out of the 45% that stated they had not used these venues 97% had stated that they hadn't had a need. The finding of the survey indicates that there is not a need for a 'Village Hall' as we have sufficient venues for our needs.

Another question asked was is there a need for a 'Coffee Shop', a meeting place, 45% stated that there was a need of which 57% who responded were female between 20 and 45 years of age.

Berinsfield Health Centre/Pharmacy

The Berinsfield Health Centre/Pharmacy is a very important facility with 91% stating that they used these facilities and 84% said the opening times of the Pharmacy suited their needs. However, there were many comments made that opening Saturday mornings would be really useful.

Post Office

There have been numerous Post Office closures in the county and the UK and the survey confirms that the Berinsfield Post Office is an important service used by 97% of those who responded. However, the question which asked about additional services such as TV Licences, Road Tax, Passport Forms, Foreign Exchange tells us that some residents are not aware of the full range of services available. An action is for the Post Office to advertise their services.


During the time the Parish Plan questionnaire came out there have been changes to the shops. The survey asked the question 'If you shop outside the village, what are your reasons for doing so?' The majority of the responses were that 'Prices are cheaper' and 'Need a wider range of goods'. Others comment that there is a need for a butchers, green grocers for more vegetables and organic food; clothes.

Bank/Building Society/Credit Union

The comments have been an important part of this survey and will be passed on to the relevant groups for further action. It has been suggested that a Bank/Building Society would be an important addition to our facilities. However, in Question 31 would a 'Credit Union' be an advantage to you only 14% said 'Yes', 61% said 'No' and 25% responded 'Don't Know'.