Crime & Safety

The Neighbourhood Action Group for the area is interested in finding out the main issues in Berinsfield that they should be addressing. The results are shown below. Those under 20 were most concerned about ‘People being insulting or intimidating. Those over 20 considered speeding, poor parking and anti-social riding more worrying. Under age drinking was a concern for 27% of those over 20 years of age and for 16% of those under 20 years of age.

Question 50 was how to solve the traffic problems outside the school. The most popular option was to 'Encourage more to walk', followed by 'A lay-by for parents to picking up/dropping off'. Other options were to put 'Double Yellow Lines' on both sides of the road outside the school. Another option was for the school to implement a walking bus or travel plan. As mentioned above in the Transport section, road safety / cycling training received 88% support and a school bike shed received 92% support. These findings would help OCC and the School Governors set-up a working group to address these issues and to work with OCC to develop a solution.


When asked in question 82 ' Are there enough street lights on the village?' 71% responded 'Yes'. However, there were a few areas where lighting is inadequate.


Top 3 issues for Berinsfield Residents


The survey asked : 'Should there be a more visible police presence on the village?' 95% replied 'Yes' and 92% indicated the police be available to villagers more often to discuss any problems. 78% of those surveyed had suffered a crime and reported it to the police and 55% were not satisfied with the response.

The survey asked 'Do you know the number to call to report non-emergency crime?' 56% did not know the number to call.

Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

The survey asked if residents were aware that a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme operated in the village, 58% were aware and 51% stated they would like to join it.


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