Berinsfield Neighbourhood Plan Documents

Berinsfield NDP submission version February 2024.pdf


The Berinsfield Neighbourhood Development Plan (BNDP) has been developed on behalf of the Berinsfield Parish Council as a result of the Localism Act 2011 and subsequent legislation effective April 2012, after extensive consultation with relevant stakeholders, to establish a future vision for our village and to help deliver the local community’s aspirations and needs for the plan period 2023-2035. This document is part of a suite of documents which together set out the background, evidence and vision for the Plan period.

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Community Survey

Berinsfield Parish Council is currently preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). As part of its evidence gathering process, the NDP Team commissioned Oxfordshire Rural Community Council to conduct a community survey in October 2014. 

The survey gave all households in the village the opportunity to express an opinion on the future development of housing, infrastructure and services in Berinsfield.

Queenford Lakes Watersports Centre

This report has been prepared by James Johnston Ecology, on behalf of S Scott Ely Esq (the site owner). It provides the results of an independent review of the ecology value of Queenford Lakes Water Sports Centre, Berinsfield, in relation to the current site selection criteria for designated Local Wildlife Sites (LWS).

Supporting Documents

The documents below are part of a suite of documents which together set out the background, evidence and vision for the Plan period.