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Parish News Sheet

Litter Picking and Street Cleaning
The Parish Council are responsible for arranging for the grass to be cut and for litter to be collected from the following areas of land in the village:-

  • Lay Avenue play area and open space
  • Recreation ground, football pitches, pavilion and play area
  • Open space – Glyme Drive
  • Burial Ground
  • Small open space out side Nos. 21 – 26 Kennet Close
  • Spinney area adjacent to the A 4074
  • Green Lane (Bridleway)
  • Area around the Library

The Parish Council also arrange for maintenance of shrubs adjoining the pavements in the vicinity of Kennet Close.

South Oxfordshire District Council are responsible for collecting litter dropped on pavements in the village and at the present time they send a team into the village 2 – 3 times a year in order to clean all the pavements. They also arrange for the mechanical sweeper lorry to visit the village approximately every 6 – 8 weeks to clean the edges of the road. The District Council arrange for their contractors to carry out limited litter picking and bin emptying each Monday, Wednesday and Friday along the areas in front of the school and retail areas.

Oxfordshire County Council are responsible for the maintenance of the roads in the village and for cleaning the surface water drains located in the edges of the road.